about us

High quality sushi, and high tech dining experience

Our restaurant has two separate conveyor belts for you to choose from while you eat. The first one always has bite sized portions of our sushi, and if you want a plate, you simply just take it! The plate will be billed to your table automatically

You can also order items from our tablets at each table. The items will be delivered directly to you using an "express delivery" conveyor belt

Drink orders, condiments, and miscellaneous items will be delivered by a robot server that drives around the restaurant!

Hours of Operation

Monday: noon - 9PM
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: noon - 9PM
Thursday: noon - 9PM
Friday: noon - 9PM
Saturday: noon - 9PM
Sunday: noon - 9PM


We are not taking reservations. We do a waitlist service when you arrive, and we can text you when your table is ready!


We try to accommodate food allergies as best as we can. Our food is prepared in a shared space, so we cannot 100% guarantee that there isn't any cross contamination. We do have items that do not have gluten containing ingredients, and items that do not have animal containing ingredients.